Aha Serum Skin Whitening Booster

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Category: Skin Care
Miss B Beauty Collection

Cutud, Angeles City

Aha Serum Skin Whitening Booster is an extreme whitening product for those who wish to achieve flawless white skin in just 1 week of use.  It is specially formulated with the best ingredients to instantly whiten the skin, remove old and dead skin cells and to rebuild new, youthful skin in shortest time. It is very safe and effective. It's suitable for all skin types with noticeable results within 7 DAYS

Benefit : 
1. Reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone. 
2. Helps to eliminate most spots such as the spots fo
from Acne, mosquito bites and scars.
3. Help the skin get whiter and brighter. 
4. Helps to eliminate scar and rough skin 
5.  It can absorb into the skin immediately, quick dry and not sticky. 
6. Helps to eliminate the dead cells and also stimulate new cells.


How to use:
Use at night only.



Put 2 to 3 drops of Aha whitening booster to your favorite toner, cream and lotions. Mix well then apply evenly on body. Leave it overnight. Use sunscreen 2 hours before going out to avoid sunburn and for fast result.



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