Puorella Royal Care Steam Hair Pack

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The mask from the first use literally reconstructs damaged hair and at the same time does not make them heavier. It is designed for intensive home care, with effectiveness comparable to salon procedures.

The mask contains a whole complex of natural, medicinal and nutritional components necessary for rapid hair regeneration: 
* 32 extracts of medicinal plants 
* argan oil, olive and shea 
* extract of red algae 
* extract of medicinal mushrooms of tinder Sanghwan and lindzhi 
* amino acids 
* hyaluronic acid 
* collagen 
* panthenol

For the hair: the mask produces heat, opens access to the active ingredients inside the cuticle of the hair. A cocktail of 32 natural phyto extracts and oils restores the structure and stem of the hair. The mask intensively nourishes and moisturizes, restores and strengthens hair, gives them elasticity and softness, shine and elasticity. Protects against high humidity and high temperatures when laying, seals the split ends. 

For the scalp: the active components of the mask normalize the balance of the scalp, increase blood circulation, soften, tone, protect against dehydration. 

How to apply:

1. Wash the head with shampoo, dry hair with a towel. 
2. Put a mask on your head, soaked in active restoring ingredients. Distribute all the hair under the mask.
3. Adjust the size of the mask using the outer Velcro. Maximally tighten the mask on the head. 
4. Lightly massage for better effect. 
5. After 10-15 minutes, remove the mask and rinse the hair thoroughly with warm water. 
6. Do the packing as you are used to.

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