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Red Butterfly Embroidered Cloth Patches

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Balibago, Angeles City

Embroidered Cloth Patches Iron On Sew On Embroidery Sticker

This is a cloth decoration that can be ironed or sewn onto clothes

Applicable: Clothes, Bags, Shoe etc.

How to use

(1) Take out the embroidery patches and the pants(clothes/bags/hats/other craft) which will be ironed on. Prepare an iron.

(2) Clean the part that is going to be ironed on. Put the patch on the right part. Put the side with heat seal backing directly on the pants. To prevent scorch, you can put a slightly wet light-colored thin cotton cloth mat on it.

(3) Adjust the temperature of the iron to the suitable degree(suggested temperature: about 150 degrees centigrade, please adjust the temperature according to the specific fabric, patches with sequins must be covered). Iron the patch on force backward and forward for about 15 seconds.

(4) After the patch turns cold, check if it is fixed firmly, if not, try again in above same ways.

Note :

(1) Adjust the ironing temperature and time according to the thickness of the cloth sticker.

(2) It will be firmer if you sew it for a few stitches.

(3) If you don't have iron, you can also sew it on your coat.

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