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How to use Shoo! 
The Ultimate Shoe Cleaner

1. Spray directly on your shoes. Works on rubber, leather, suede and canvas of any color. 
2. Use brush and gently brush your shoes until it gives a good lather. Start cleaning from the cleanier to the dirtiest part to avoid contamination of clean areas. 
3. Use a clean cloth to wipe the lather. Repeat if needed or to achieve your desired appearance.
4. Bottle will last for a long time but of course depends on the number of shoes you have and how frequent you will use the product. But the product is so effective that you will use just a small amount.

How to use the Shoo! 
The Ultimate Shoe Deodorizer

1. The product works like a charm, smells good and it really neutralizes the odor. Can be used on shoes, helmets, gym bags, closets and even lockers and etc.
2. Simply spray inside your shoes after use or for more effective way spray before using your footwear, just let the product dry for few mins and spray again after use.

That’s about it! A hassle free yet effective and very safe shoe cleaner on the go.

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